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Big name stores in America that had seemingly been doing well in the modern market have been closing in drastic numbers over the last 7-8 years. There is a number of very popular examples we can choose from but today I want to focus on 3 main stores and what caused them to fail. First, in the infamous Blockbuster chain over video rental stores. With a growing number of On-Demand multimedia platforms on the rise across the internet like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HULU it comes to no surprise that blockbuster was doomed to fail eventually. Simply being able to instantly access media from your home will always have an advantage over having to actually go to a store and back to return an item. This brings me to my next 2 stores, Toys r US and Radio shack. Largely affected by large online shops like Amazon, stores that provided specifics goods where overshadowed by one online retailer who could provide all in one location. This also includes the time saving aspect of not actually going to a store. These store going out of business have positive and negative impacts. It positively effects the consumer largely based on convenience and pricing. In turn it negatively effects hundreds of thousands of workers that were employed by these stores. If this will have a large positive or negative impact on our country we will wait to see, but the impact can be felt either way.






IS vs IT Blog Post

For the career I am interested in Information Technology would be more for me. In the article it explains that this path can lead to more careers in the cyber-security field. As I mentioned in my introduction post this is the field I think I would like to be in. I haven’t changed my stance at all since the beginning of the class. We haven’t gone really in depth into the details of what the field entails. Once I have more experience from taking field specific classes I think Ill be able to tell what path I would be more interested in following. There are also plenty of classes that I am interested in taking that are a part of the cyber-security field at Chat Tech.



Hardware and Software Blog Post

The cryptocurrency mining boom has drastically effected the price of GPUs since the beginning of this year. In December of 2017 I purchased an Nvidia 1080 gaming x from MSI for around $590. Typically the purchasing of higher-end GPUs is exclusively held by people that play video games or people who need such power for specific types of work loads. The introduction of bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencys has created a new market in what was an already saturated one. Companies were having a hard time keeping product in stock before this new trend had even started. Now with a new reason to buy high-end cards the only way companys can keep their products from being out of stock all of the time is to raise the prices to a point where the average person cannot afford one. Like I mentioned earlier, I purchased a card at the end of last year for $590. As of right now the same card I bought 2 months ago has almost doubled in price, now sitting at about $1,039.

Here is a link the card I purchased last year for $590 – https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA85V4R62388&cm_re=msi_1080_gaming_x-_-14-127-943-_-Product

Here is a link to a video about how it has effected the market – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT-pP4wvLV8

Information Security Blog Post

Topics in this article contain threats that can effect the availability side of the CIA traid. Taking power offline to potentially an entire city can have multiple negative effects on a state. The first of which is the obvious risk of losing power, meaning the average citizen cannot work correctly for days or potentially weeks. In turn this can effect other aspects of the triad. Security breaches that involve someones personally livelihood can be at risk after an entire city has been put out of work. This not only effects a city but perhaps the whole nation.Attacks like this Equifax hack could become more large scale if one of the 3 pillars of the triad has collapsed. Once one of these has been weakened, attacks on personal individuals become much easier and contain less risk if done in large numbers. We must take personal precautions to keep or information safe while the government does it job of protecting the infrastructure of the nations power grid.


Netiquette Blog Post


1. Sarcasm can backfire. Working in groups at school can be a challenge. Especially when you arent around your group mates but once or twice a week. So having a strong line of communication is important in order to complete your assignments. Cutting down on sarcasm and jokes can help you complete your tasks as a group more fluently.

2.  Brevity rules. To add on about the difficulty of working in groups another netiquette rule you can follow is keeping your messages to one another short. This allows group mates to all be on the same page but still maintain individual freedom to create something unique.

  • Sarcasm to a minimum
  • Keep messages short
  • Keep font size at an acceptable and readable size
  • Turn in group project work on time
  • Dont use emojis in a serious environment
  • Dont spam people with messages
  • Respond to emails promptly
  • Do not swear
  • Site media or articles
  • Avoid using all capital letters

Using these 10 rules you can more effectively use the internet to the best of your ability. Following these guidelines may also help your relationship with other groupmates and classmates alike. Just like you would use normal etiquette in a social setting it is a good guideline to treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. This creates a good work environment and overall better internet setting for everyone involved.




Introduction Blog Post

William Lucas

Comp Tia A+ Prep

I would like to work for a government agency in a cyber-security role.

Im living with my parents and my little brother at their house currently. My main hobby consists of building and maintaining my PC. Other hobbies include hunting and various sports like MMA and college football. Im also currently working at Autobell car wash.

I own an android device and most likely always will. Not a huge fan of the IOS platform.

Whatever you are, be a good one – Abraham Lincoln

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