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1. Sarcasm can backfire. Working in groups at school can be a challenge. Especially when you arent around your group mates but once or twice a week. So having a strong line of communication is important in order to complete your assignments. Cutting down on sarcasm and jokes can help you complete your tasks as a group more fluently.

2.  Brevity rules. To add on about the difficulty of working in groups another netiquette rule you can follow is keeping your messages to one another short. This allows group mates to all be on the same page but still maintain individual freedom to create something unique.

  • Sarcasm to a minimum
  • Keep messages short
  • Keep font size at an acceptable and readable size
  • Turn in group project work on time
  • Dont use emojis in a serious environment
  • Dont spam people with messages
  • Respond to emails promptly
  • Do not swear
  • Site media or articles
  • Avoid using all capital letters

Using these 10 rules you can more effectively use the internet to the best of your ability. Following these guidelines may also help your relationship with other groupmates and classmates alike. Just like you would use normal etiquette in a social setting it is a good guideline to treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. This creates a good work environment and overall better internet setting for everyone involved.




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William Lucas

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I would like to work for a government agency in a cyber-security role.

Im living with my parents and my little brother at their house currently. My main hobby consists of building and maintaining my PC. Other hobbies include hunting and various sports like MMA and college football. Im also currently working at Autobell car wash.

I own an android device and most likely always will. Not a huge fan of the IOS platform.

Whatever you are, be a good one – Abraham Lincoln

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